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Smile Test Drive

Just like we test drive our cars before we buy them why not test drive a new smile. Our unique smile test drive allows you to wear your new smile before commiting to any treatment. It is a common dillema in dentistry- you may be unwilling to move forward with certain restoration work right away because you are unsure of the outcome.

Will you look that much better??

Will the change be dramatic enough to warrant the cost??

Will your new smile look like it belongs naturally and not artificial??

We dont blame you. Now because you can test drive your smile you can see and showoff your new smile before you proceed with the restoration work. With the use of specifically designed imaginary programmes, sharp photographes and radiographes, the Bridal Dental Studio team is able to create your perfect smile. Our team will take a mould of your mouth and produces your future smile mockup which incorporates your intended treatments. You can wear this mock up, can show to your friends and family to know how your teeth will look.. When both you and we are happy with your smile then your test drive smile is converted into your permanent smile

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The Bridal Dental Studios Experience is a unique experience. The convenience offered by clinic hours that suit your busy life.

We have high qualified and experience Doctors with high tech service provider for Dental service with technical surgery.

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